The afro-metis constitution!


1. Skin (by Shelley Hamilton and George Elliott Clarke) 
2. O Canada (by George Elliott Clarke) 
3. More of This Land (by Shelley Hamilton) 
4. Bannock and Beans (by Sugar Plum Croxen) 
5. It's a Wonder (by Russ Kelley) 
6. Rootz (by Shelley Hamilton) 
7. People Are People (by Sugar Plum Croxen) 
8. For the Murdered and the Missing (by George Elliott Clarke) 
9. We Need a Lot More Love (by Russ Kelley) 
10. One and One Is Two (1+1 = 2) (by Sugar Plum Croxen) 
11. The Garlic and the Rose (by Chris White) 
12 and 13. '1871 Census' and '1881 Census' (by Shelley Hamilton) 
14. Singing for Viola (by Chris White) 
15. William Andrew (by Chris White) 
16. Hymn to Portia White (by George Elliott Clarke and Chris White) 
17. Ain't You Scared of the Sacred? (by George Elliott Clarke) 
18. Pass Me Not (by George Elliott Clarke) 


AFRO-Métis Nation

George Elliott Clarke joined Shari Clarke, Sugarplum Croxen, Gilbert Daye, Mary Gick, Shelley Hamilton, Russ Kelley, Chris White, Brent Williams, all musicians and/or singers, with filmmakers David Schacter, Leslie Schacter, and David Richler, in recording an album (and documenting its recording), namely, “The Afro-Métis Constitution,” while billing themselves as the Afro-Métis Nation, at Sonic Temple, February 15-18, with a closing concert performance on February 18, also at Sonic Temple, Halifax, NS.

CBC Coverage:

"Afro-Metis musicians hope to inspire others to learn more about heritage."

"Black artists with N.S. roots want their Métis ancestry recognized."


“Cultural collaboration produces first ever Afro-Métis concert in Halifax."