Halifax Herald Book Reviews



January 18:  Clarke: Kavanagh captivates; Choyce delights

January 4:  Clarke: Books offer gospel talk, victim’s voice



December 21:  Clarke: The passion of Rita Joe

December 7:  Fun with Ghosts and Girls; Teacher’s Pets score

November 23:  Clarke: Garebian’s art forays hit-and-miss

November 9:  Clarke: Two poets not afraid to say the necessary things

October 26:  Clarke: Lista pretty grim; Jorgenson just pretty

October 12:  Clarke: Offering study in poetic opposites

September 28:  Clarke: Chinese-Canadian poets offer work  that’s visionary, fierce

September 14:  Clarke: Ian Fleming explores risqué pathways

August 24:  Clarke: Zolf is daunting but rich; Meyer deals in passion

August 10:  Clarke: Bowering’s poetic palette dazzles

July 27:  Clarke: Gasparini’s collection an excellent read

July 13:  Clarke: Ruffo’s work shakes with thunder, shimmers with light

June 29:  Clarke: Goyette uses the surreal to invoke a tragic story

June 15:  Clarke: Canadian poets respond to nature

June 1:  Bowling, Zwicky offer disparate selected works

May 18:  Clarke: Clifford, bp mesh well; Shook rocks

May 4:  Clarke: Tamil poetry illuminates difficult themes

April 20:  Clarke: Two fine debuts to mark Poetry Month

April 6:  Clarke: From stillness to jazzy outbursts, Munro and Fazzini poems excel

March 23:  Powerful images of Basquiat:  African-American artists’s work illuminated at AGO

March 8:  Clarke: Poems of notoriety and simplicity

February 22:  Clarke: Greek myth visits Barbados

February 8:  Kuwabong’s poems work best in raw images of human suffering

January 24:  Clarke: Souster’s final work retains style

January 10:  Clarke: Collections offer important voices on war



December 20:  An ode to traditional art of the printer’s trade.

November 29:  Clarke: Insights on Alex Colville

November 15:  Shillington, Paré serve up paternal poetry

November 1:  El Jones’ poems make powerful impact

October 18:  Clarke: Derksen iffy; Enns shines quietly

October 11:  Ruby courts cliché in faith-based work

September 20:  Fall reading guide

September 6:  Clarke: Translations offer range of sensibility

August 23:  CBU prof Mark Silverberg captures Siegel work in Believing the Line

August 9:  Smart, readable works

July 26:  Clarke: Poets offer two takes on  clarity

July 12:  Brazen Halifax poet set to rise from obscurity

June 28:  Wry wit from Jaffe, sharp insight from Bowling

June 14:  Clarke: Study of execution lacks depth

May 31:  Hamilton and Joudry impress

May 17: Clarke:  Radical and energetic, Rhodes forces us to face our sins

May 3:  Clarke: JFK leaves legacy of contradictions

April 19:  Clarke: Cracking Devlin’s code; basking in Bowness

April 5:  Clarke: Linguistic masquerades to savour

March 22:  Powerful, divergent poetic visions

March 8:  Clarke: Meeting of cultures leads to fine poems

February 22:  Clarke: D’Aguiar dazzles in latest poetry; Hopkinson offers prose grab bag

February 8:  Book explores Malcolm X as icon

January 25:  Authors show theirs strengths in racy writing

January 11:   Factual faith; mind as dream



December 28: Graham’s fine; Greene’s a master

December 14:  Sander essay offers insights

November 30:  Poets conjure Halifax Common

November 16:  Promise cut tragically short

November 2:  Clarke: Yin’s fine talent needs discipline

October 19:  No finer Choyce

October 5:  Langille offers a superb outing

September 21:  Clarke: Musing on muses

September 7:  Mooney fails to grasp meaning of Swissair disaster

August 24:  Tattrie tangles with difficult hero

August 10:  Reibetanz offers transformative poems

July 27:  McGiffin evokes nature; Priest inspires kids

July 13:  Clarke: Cayley adopts historic voices

June 29:  Summer with a good book

June 15:  Clarke: Poetry in mourning and revenge

June 1:  It’s easy to sink into Ocean.

May 4:  Clarke: Longtime  friends trade verse coast to coast

April 20:  Clarke: Odes of experience; stream of talent

April 12:  The grime of the oil-lease Maritimer

March 17:  Clarke: Strong poetry volumes launched by South Asian Canadian writers

March 3:  Clarke: A different take on Mary; new Nova Scotian poetry

February 17:  Slave insurrection had wide-ranging results

February 3:  Clarke: Much to learn from histories of N.S. black churches

January 20:  Clarke: Plain, self-published and worthwhile poetry

January 6: Clarke: Bucolic calm and medieval bloodlust



December 16: Clarke: James Brown: Papa’s got a brand new book

December 2:  Clarke: New poets bring Layton to mind

November 18:  Clarke: An oratorio to radium workers

November 4:  Clarke: Showing no mercy for the criminal

October 21:  Excellent works showcase poets Gibbs, Fetherling

October 7:  Clarke: Todd Swift poignant, piercing

September 23:  Two new poets off to strong starts

September 9:  King turns back the clock to save JFK

August 26:  Tale of serial killer gruesome, fascinating

August 12:   A tale of two Davids

July 29: Book offers illuminated view on dynamics of imperialism

July 15: Vividly painted poetry both strength, weakness of Hiemstra-van der Horst

July 1:  Kidd’s Handfuls of Bones vivid; Quon’s poems deserve honour

June 17:  Dylan bio delves into history, culture

June 3:  Sanger’s lyrics whittled to a fine point

May 20:  Ode to the King of the Paperbacks

May 6:  9/11 poems take on horror, aftermath of terror attacks

April 15:  Poets imagine 1912 disaster

April 1:  Cinema Italiano tome loving look at era’s heyday

March 18:  Easy to get lost with Persaud, Rahim’s odyssey more accessible

March 4:  Swift: Smart, sassy, and erudite

February 19:  History prof successfully deconstructs Malcolm X

February 5:  Vermont prof dispels myths of black refugees to Canada

January 22:  Scholarly look at slavery in Montreal exhaustive

January 8:  Hitchcock taught public how to understand cinema


December 18:  Poets, artist show Fredericton’s beauty

November 27:  From despair to rapture

November 13:  Barry’s Bishop rooted in N.S.

October 30:  Fair sociology, foul theology

October 16:  McLennan a bit opaque; Manuel breathlessly honest.

October 2:  Davis’s lyricism won me over

September 18:  Big Town could be set anywhere, not just Africville

September 4:  Zwicky’s Forge mystical

August 28:  Swedish schlock study lots of fun; Vaira’s poetry needs a few good verbs

August 7:  Photos showcase last film by Hollywood greats

July 24:  Old-fashioned reader makes peace with wired world

July 10:  Precise images poets’ strengths

June 26:  Lost Gospels borders on sacred

June 12:  Bond pleasures us so many ways

May 29:  Pachai returns to South Africa homeland in his first novel.

May 15:  Monsters can tell us much about ourselves

May 1:  In the hands of a master

April 17:  Ye olde poetry translated

April 3:  Very fine verse of Heller, Holt

March 20:  Lack a sense of humour? Avoid this comic book

March 6:  Poet pays tribute to Homer; MacLaine employs minor characters, silences Odysseus.

February 20:  Stories made more powerful with Africadian vernacular

February 6:  Bailey ambitious, ponderous; Boicel a witty storyteller

January 23:  In memory of horror comics and the fear they wreaked

January 9:  Di Nardo’s poetry sings for Beirut



December 26:  Kennedy novel counts laurels and warts

November 21:  Author misses own clues in Glenn Gould biography

November 7:  Poems, cover art, show passion

October 24;  Wordplay shows poets’ power

October 10:  Borden is Africadian poet

September 26:  80-year-old poet laureate reflects on family, friends

September 12:  Origins of scandal sheets

August 29:  The glories of pulp fiction

August 15:  Seeing Red over being British

August 1:  The long and winding road of comix, graphic novels

July 18: 100 voices celebrate 10th year of Jamaican literary festival

July 4: Steffler casts cold eye on nature, reality

June 20: Great tales told in pictures

June: 6: From headlines to poetry

May 23: Verse shows love for homelands

May 9: Fetherling unjustly overlooked; Bringhurst dons literary masks

April 25: Starnino builds on his talent

April 11: Skibsrud translates pain into art

March 28: Dabydeen’s verse analytical; Bitar plays with black humour

March 21: Graphic novels reach universities’ hallowed halls

March 7: Conn shines in travel poems when she moves inward

Feb. 21: Obama: First insurgent candidtate since 1976

Feb. 7: Black women’s hair tangled in politics

Jan. 24: Zieroth’s poems quiet, disciplined

Jan. 10: A poem a day may keep blues away



Dec. 27: Nin broke literary ground with diaries

Dec. 20: Reissued classics feature depraved characters

Nov. 29: Appeal for Africville church echoed in print and film

Nov. 15: Autobiography recounts Obama’s search for identity

Nov. 1: Sadu, Elliott fine storytellers

Oct. 18: Avant-garde jazz musician leaves revolutionary legacy

Oct. 4: Modern age ‘began’ in 1959

Sept. 20: Gutsy poet shares ancestry

Sept. 6: D’Aguiar offers powerful elegy to Virginia Tech dead

Aug. 23: Norman lyrical yet preachy; Lam’s poems accomplished

Aug. 9: Poet grieves for friend

July 26: Locheads’s poems on love somewhat successful

July 12: Sinclair’s imagery lovely; Bloom sings of freedom

June 28: Revisiting Woods’ Native Song

June 14: Smart’s poems tell real-life stories of women obsessed with men, love

May 31: Playwright paints striking portrait of native artist

May 24: Leifso a mix of classicism, feminism, strong imagery

May 3: Woods’ Native Song reborn; Furlong’s debut romantic

April 19: McKay’s eco-poems reveal naturalist’s intellect, insight

April 5: Poems for every day

March 22: Notorious slave ship incident inhabits Philip’s poem Zong!

March 8: O’Meara prefers plain approach

Feb. 22: Coetzee writes of liberal, conservative contraditions

Feb. 8: Author asks us to examine our clichés of Americans

Jan. 25: Daughter crafts loving poems to mom dying from Alzheimer’s

Jan. 11: Korean poets introduced to Canadians



Dec. 21: Doris Lessing crafts Creation tale

Dec. 14: Whimsy and irony in chapbooks

Nov. 19: Obama: the first ‘Canadian’ president?

Nov. 16: Obama’s win in U.S. echoes Kennedy campaign,novel

Nov. 2: Rita Joe’s poetry lives on

Oct. 19: Shelley’s Frankenstein has lasting influence

Oct. 5: Hill Canadianizes slave literature; Grant celebrates North Preston

Sept. 21: Scholars attempt to define CanLit

Sept. 7: The Iliad and The Odyssey remain awesomely true

Aug. 24: Hushed no More grants voice to Africadian community

Aug. 10: Two intellectual greats

July 27: Native Guard’s poems elemental, moving, lyrical

July 13: Houle’s second collection intellectual, exciting

June 29: Auerbach’s lyrics disciplined; Rader’s Living Things thrives

June 15: Poet’s first collection a remarkable beginning

June 1: Book skims over traditions of Canada’s black church

May 18: Poet, photographer marry words, images beautifully

May 4: Kola magazine deserves accolades, and our attention

April 13: Lerch combines pastoral with politics and war

April 6: Commitment to confession reminiscent of poet Nowlan

March 9: Forage a fierce achievement

Feb. 24: Fearon fiercely succinct; Shockley’s poems sing

Feb. 10: Inspirational black women who’ve worked for change

Jan. 27: Imagery Benning’s strength; Sutherland’s style direct

Jan. 13: Ede, Flamand weave imagery, politics



Dec. 12: Must an epic echo Homer?

Dec. 16: Crimes and misdemeanours in pirate tale, Iraq war poems

Nov. 18: A tribute to Mac Somerville

Nov. 4: Kim documents atrocities; Zolf finds meaning in jargon

Oct. 21: New poet presents skill with verbs, description

Oct. 7: Zann speaks from heart

Sept. 23: Domanski, Kasturi explore the fabulous in new books

Sept. 9: Words of surprise from Toronto, proud lyrics of Newfoundland

Aug. 26: Wainwright adventurous; Coleman fascinating

Aug. 12: Poets put culture back into multiculturalism

July 29: Gaspereau Gloriatur glorious

July 15: Poets celebrate nature

July 1: Nowlan championed poor, yet toasted politicians, kings

June 17: Trudeau the traveler toasted China in ‘60s

June 3: Prize-winning poet forced to tap friends to get published

May 27: Memory bridges geography in Neilsen’s Glenn’s poetry

May 20: Rita Joe helped spearhead resistance to assimilation

May 6: Cooper deserves accolades

April 22: Poet Larry Small a proud Newfoundlander

April 1: A fond farewell to pioneers Poirier and Wedderburn

March 11: Female poets write of mystery of the feminine

Feb. 25: Sandiford’s short story writing much improved

Feb. 11: Essays by social workers show slice of N.S. history

Jan. 28: Meanderings of Terpstra

Jan. 14: Well-versed trio published



Dec. 31: Holt’s poetry appropriately difficult

Dec. 24: Historian whitewashes Nixon’s reign

Dec. 17: Biography a banquet of images; boy writes Canadian bestseller

Nov. 19: Press’s poems perform socio-political work

Nov. 5: Tales of two explosions

Oct. 22: Conn, Kearley’s poems vibrant with verbs

Sept. 24: Freshness, careful articulation mark two poetry collections

Sept. 10: Brainy poets sing out

Sept. 3: Anthony’s play polished powerful; Delisle’s attractive

Aug. 13: Historian tells stories of African Canadians in verse

July 30: Nature influences poets

July 16: Poetry of politics

July 2: Struthers a sweet read; Fiorentino an awesome poet

June 18: Grant predicted Canadian sovereignty would decline

June 4: Cristea-Vieru crafts poems with deceptive simplicity

May 21: Women’s truths and intelligence

May 7: Higgins’ debut ambitious, Joyette shows Beat influence

April 23: Leaves of a Diary elegant

April 9: DeBeyer’s imagery shines, reason for poems’ success

March 26: Spring Garland blooms with poems on flowers

March 12: Two collections mourn a child, celebrate cities

Feb. 26: Jamaican-Canadian poets tackle racism, slavery

Feb. 12: ‘We’re here,’ cry black writers

Jan. 29: Poets produce adept sequels

Jan. 15: Layton’s poems led us into future



Dec. 18: Collection worthwhile but incomplete

Nov. 27: Olive Senior’s verse steely with diction

Nov. 13: Poet Johnson pens lyrical meditations

Oct. 30: A bit late, but right on time

Oct. 16: Thurston tells tale of maritime past; Pratt turns to poetry

Oct. 2: Leckie ethereal, playful; Compton lyrical, visual

Sept. 19: True crime and tightropes

Aug. 21: Goodison, Souaid give nations voices

Aug. 7: Spiegleman’s memoir of 9-11 a masterpiece

July 24: Like a Rolling Stone more than just a song

July 10: Dylan’s memoir brilliant, compelling

June 26: MacLeod’s anthology an intellectual map of Halifax today

June 12: Three books share desire for improvement

May 29: High praise for Gaspereau Press

May 1: Editor recovers Brebner’s poems

April 17: Poets speak to the people

April 3: One reason to prefer Cunard Street to Stairs

March 20: Classical Asian lyrics influence Canuck poets

March 6: Asian/Canadian women sing out

Feb. 20: Novelist, poet voice relevance of race

Feb. 6: Kellough’s poems electrifying, cool

Jan. 9: Elegies to Keats and a father



Dec. 26: In essay, poet uses beautiful imagery

Dec. 19: Gaspereau poets leave imprints

Nov. 28: Father and son poets

Nov. 14: Art of dying

Oct. 31: Little-known activist profiled by Acadia prof

Oct. 17: A Bush critic with clout

Oct. 3: Two new poets of power

Sept. 19: Three varied voices from African Diaspora

Sept. 5: Island poets compose worlds of nature, science

Aug. 22: Beautiful words

Aug. 8: Blades sets up typewriter in barracks, grows poetic

July 25: Ode to one of my first books

July 11: Poets rise above low profiles

June 27: Dry Canucks could use some Cuban passion

June 13: Poets show force of simple language

May 30: Helwig richly ponders this side of eternity

May 16: Poets dig garden of multiculturalism

May 2: Chubbs undeservedly overlooked; Pal passionate

April 18: A Groundswell of experimental poetry

April 4: Powerful, lyrical voices of Bartlett and Brandt

March 21: Nova Scotia in writer’s heart

March 7: Women’s voices intrigued by love

Feb. 22: Two African Canadian poets contemplate blackness

Feb. 8: Startlingly vivid words from two promising black poets

Jan. 25: A masterfully focused personal portrait

Jan 11: Poems that capture the music of Newf-speak



Dec. 28: We need George Grant now more than ever

Dec. 14: Brave new poems from a brave publisher

Nov. 30: Cuba: A functioning alternative to globalization

Nov. 16: Winter: Time to think about Cuba

Nov. 2: A splendid novel about slavery that never moralizes

Oct. 19: Please welcome a striking new Nova Scotia poet

Oct. 5: Spare, sumptious poems inspired by Japan

Sept. 21: Stark, beautifule poems that sing and singe

Sept. 7: Borden’s natural talent still shines after 50 years

Aug. 24: Hennessey explores grisly PEI murder

Aug. 10: Bringhurst Ursa Major shines brilliantly

July 27: One poet welcomed; another encouraged

July 13: Nermenegilde Chiasson’s tone personal, style accomplished

June 29: Guy Gavriel Kay makes a splash as a poet

June 22: McElroy sees Atlantic Canadian art with fresh eyes

June 1: Robinson intellectual; Gale political

May 18: Simpson, MacLeod produce compelling work

May 11: Poets reveal our violent hypocrisy

April 27: Chapbooks are small in stature but giants in literary world

April 6: April showers bring beautiful poetry

March 23: Foster’s Dry Bone likely his best

March 9: Racism alive and well in North America

Feb. 23: Derrick Bell’s advice poignant

Feb. 9: Ezra Pound’s politics toxic; poetry compelling

Jan. 26: Diversity infuses poetry with excitement

Jan. 12: Stiles spare; Rankin moving



Dec. 29: Fraser’s unobtrusive views are refreshing

Dec. 15: Comics move beyond kids’ fare

Dec. 8: Anthology of Canadian literature a treasure trove

Nov. 17: Cook’s voice gentle; deBeyer’s vivid

Nov. 3: Gaspereau Press gathering accolades

Oct. 27: Dwyer’s inspiration is family; DeMoura’s is society

Oct. 6: Bartlett insightful; Stiles playful

Sept. 22: Atlantic poets polish voices

Sept. 8: Kathy Mac’s images shockingly original

Aug. 25: Sherman soars back on scene; Rotstein redux

Aug. 11: Compton crafts inspirational B.C. anthology

July 28: On tour with poetic words as guides

July 14: Benson hotly opinionated; Crummey gracefully clear

June 30: Lochhead’s voice weathers beautifully

June 2: Brand suffers from superiority complex

May 19: Pyrcz introspective; Fiorentino fresh

May 5: Compton, Morrow view PEI with sharp eyes

April 21: Crate joyous; Callaghan powerful

April 7: Look to nature during National Poetry Month

March 24: Heble’s essays on all that jazz resonate with George

March 10: Debut poetry impressive

Feb. 10: Two books showcase Atlantic poets

Jan. 27: Bishop’s voice recalled in Divisions of the Heart

Jan. 13: Couple produces profound poetry




Dec. 30: Holt’s debut novel fascinating, fantastic

Dec. 23: Norman Elders homage to those who have gone before

Dec. 9: Mordecai sharp-witted; Pleasant charming

Nov. 18: Hall’s imagery smart, expansive; Sinclair monochromatic

Nov. 4: Embrace Outram, Norman

Oct. 21: Canada’s slavery recalled

Oct. 7: Archibald MacMechan’s reputation restored

Sept. 23: Darbasie rewarding; Babstock delicious

Sept. 9: Church histories labours of love

Aug. 26: Adventures for the literary crowd

Aug. 12: Allan Cooper is one of Canada’s poetic prizes

July 29: Opera grants viewers license to indulge

July 15: Poet Goh Seng sings still

July 1: Bull unpretentious; Simpson uncanny

June 17: Grammar is Rude in critical look at black culture

June 3: Wainwright takes long, strange trip

May 20: Beauty of words celebrated

May 6: Caribbean anthology literary feast

April 22: Imaginative works from Fredericton’s Broken Jaw Press

April 8: Saluting poets

March 25: P.E.I.’s Steinfeld dredges dreams

March 3: Mental slavery as bad as physical

Feb. 25: Prince defiant, Dyer muted

Feb. 11: A brutal, yet human snapshot of our past

Jan. 28: Robinson fierce, fresh; Swede calming

Jan. 14: David book stunning cultural history



Dec. 31: Pain not Bread a Poundian pursuit

Dec. 24: Smith, Bruck searing, diffident

Dec. 10: Choyce words for Lesley

Nov. 26: New poets, old ways

Nov. 5: Licht, White unlash iconoclastic energy

Oct. 22: Moulding Trudeau’s memory to fit our own needs

Oct. 8: Personal, political passions

Oct. 1: Nicole powerful, quietly poetic

Sept. 17: New poets sparkle

Aug. 20: A mother’s courage

July 30: Elegance, lyricism present in two new volumes by NS poets

July 16: Poetry of crime

July 2: Lee’s Opera talent

June 4: Donaldson’s Waterglass a tour de force of forms

May 21: In praise of Rita Joe

May 7: Schonmaier’s forte clarity; Holt jabs at convention

April 9: Jamaican poet lays claim to Canada

March 26: Humphrey, Shirley compelling

March 12: Lowther’s sharp imagery astonishes

Feb. 27: Drive Dull Care Away can do just that

Feb. 13: George celebrates 40 years of reading with Lill, Bates

Jan. 30: Pyrcz profound; Lambert ordinary

Jan. 16: Chubbs, Wiseman celebrate English

Jan. 2: Africana skimps on blacks in Canada, Nova Scotia



Dec. 19: Compton, Boyd: two distinct voices

Nov. 21: Davies, Goyette should be proud

Nov. 7: An artful, lyrical tour around the province

Oct. 24: A corrupt farm; Anne unplugged

Oct. 10: Worlds of Maritime settlers explore in new poetry

Oct. 3: George exchanges words on the street

Sept. 26: These two one-year olds are sheer poetry

Sept. 12: New Brunswich poets study in contrasts

Aug. 29: Italian-Canadian literature

Aug. 15: Memories of cultural heroes elegant, unflinching

Aug. 1: Gaspereau Review glows with graceful offerings

July 18: Art, poetry combine beautifully

July 4: Lemm injects life into Acorn

June 20: Foster’s youth takes wing

June 6: Bowering’s dialogue bland; images perfect

May 23: Seven selected poets

May 9: Dwyer, Schneider marvelous poets

April 25: April is most poetic month

April 11: Luxuriate in Brunner’s Raw Silk

March 14: Free verse so lively it almost wriggles

Feb. 28: Dorsinville tackles black-white love affairs

Feb. 14: Rape survivors shatter silence with nightmarish tales

Jan. 17: Sam Slick’s witticisms timeless, endearing

Jan. 3: Currie, Bruneau among Clarke’s best of ‘98



Dec. 20: Alexis’s childhood disappoints

Dec. 6: Smith outshines, Sarah’s superficial profundity

Nov. 22: B.C. poets Doyle, Trower can’t rise above mundane

Oct. 11: Cliches mar Foster’s third novel

Oct. 4: Old friendships refreshed at Word on the Street

Sept. 27: Mysticism: Olafson flubs it, Braid gets it

Aug. 30: Weier & Igloliorti: Broken Jaw Press breaks in new voices

July 19: A different view of South Mountain

June 21: Currie proves mastery of form

May 10: Anthologies hold budding poets

May 3: Africadian books serve up food for body and soul

April 26: Veteran poet delivers, neophyte has promise

March 28: Writing doesn’t match story’s ambitious structure

March 14: Poets need practice in brevity

Feb. 28: Irresistible voice of essayist Philip

Feb. 14: Playwright paints zany characters

Jan. 31: Two liberalisms: political and sexual

Jan. 17: Parables, poems from province’s small presses

Jan. 3: Family saga triumphs



Dec. 27: Poets practice lyricism

Dec. 20: Langille’s lyrics lack what Bartlett delivers

Nov. 29: Writers Spalding and Cook revel in Ondaatjean poetics

Nov. 22: Three novelists come of age

Nov. 15: African-Canadian authors hit and miss literary spot

Nov. 1: Big, small-town stories

Oct. 25: Poetry in a precious package

Oct. 11: Poetic political statements

Oct. 4: A writer’s day at Word on the Street

Sept. 27: Descriptive powers fuel crazy sorrow

Sept. 13: A tribute to poet Lowther

Aug. 30: Life of Byron

Aug. 30: Three Maritime poets turn heads with their verse

Aug. 23: Wartime Quebec sizzles with love in first novel

Aug. 16: Wainwright’s summit rewards

Aug. 2: Summer songs: poetry as graceful as season

July 19: Effortless lyricism Brand’s poetic triumph

July 5: Meticulous McKay, succinct Redhill, formal Brebner

June 21: Donoghue a writer to watch

June 14: Canadians sweat out poetry on sports

May 31: Other Davies works also lack originality

May 24: Scholar lauded for Haliburton work

May 10: A new Mi’kmaq voice is born

April 26: Discussion of Grant’s work provocative

April 12: Anthology forgets important poems

March 29: Abuse survivors carve art out of pain

March 15: Danica’s sequel doesn’t measure up to don’t

March 1: Labrador poet a truly late Romantic

Feb. 22: Boyd composes powerful dramas

Feb. 15: Columnist illumnates history

Feb. 10: Archipelago of soul

Feb. 1: Clarke’s best books for 1996

Jan. 18: Poet condemns America in fine tradition

Jan. 11: Quarry press solidifies stature with new poetry



Dec. 21: Reading Trudeau’s essays and annual delight

Dec. 14: C.B. writer spins magical story for children

Dec. 6: Copeland crosses borders, Geddes goes into politics

Nov. 30: Lukewarm poets disappointing

Nov. 23: Despite quibbles, Foster’s book speaks truth

Nov. 9: Remembering the people’s poet

Oct. 25: Hartog pens coup against convention

Oct. 18: Plush poets talk about T.O., the Rock

Oct. 11: Novel weaves mystery with Canadian history

Sept. 27: Publications get to roots of Africadian history

Sept. 20: Two poets offer rich collections

Sept. 13: Veteran poets pen strong verse

Aug. 30: Poets tackle Jonestown, culture’s moral darkenss

Aug. 23: Stories lack epiphanies; short fiction adds to literary history

Aug. 16: Memories of N.S. life in two scholarly books

Aug. 2: Thomas writes nasty fiction; Harris tackles social issues

July 26: New poetic voices from the Rock powerful, graceful

July 19: Native poet bares soul in urban rez

July 12: Malyon’s short-short stories inconsistent, but stylish

July 5: Dawes emerges as significant poet

June 21: Cumyn’s novel in fine company with Raddall, Richards

June 7: Poet Dionne pens classic novel of love

May 24: Powerful poets emerge from Broken Jaw Press

May 10: Atwood delves into white Canadianism

May 3: Women speak with confessional voice in poems

April 26: visions of Montreal found in the works of promising poets

April 19: One successful dabbler; one shaky poet

April 12: Chisholm’s own Prague Spring

March 29: Thompson exhumed: poems collected in prize-worthy book

March 15: Sapphic sisters pen exquisite prose

March 1: Censorship can’t silence forbidden passages

Feb. 16: Brothers in arms share pages

Feb. 2: B.C. poets veer from realism to mysticism

Jan. 26: Heighton approaches real heights

Jan. 19: Writer reconciles with younger self in Cretan odyssey

Jan. 5: Top books of 1995



Dec. 22: In defence of Carol Bruneau

Dec. 8: Segregation recalled, angry young poets roar

Nov. 24: Cherish MacLeod’s verse, read Domanski’s in small doses

Nov. 10: Mi’kmaq prayers wartime verse inspire reflection

Nov. 3: McKay’s style classically spare; Giller nomination deserved

Oct. 27: Resurrecting poet MacEwen

Oct. 20: MacNeil’l work reminiscent of Dylan Thomas

Oct. 13: Bruneau joins C.B. cultural renaissance

Sept. 30: Africadian heritage rooted in worship, service

Sept. 29: ‘Word’ spelled success

Sept. 15: Donovan crafts nail-tough poetry of Cape Breton

Sept. 1: Levine’s literary debut masterful

Aug. 25: If you understand this country, you’re lost

Aug. 18: M&S picks 3 poets for ’95 lineup

Aug. 11: Two poets coming of age

Aug. 4: African-Canadians reviving culture

July 28: Myths about rural living debunked in scholarly essays

July 21: Poetry, novel reveal ‘real’ lives in process

July 7: Poets celebrate life in new books

June 23: Two failures: a bad first novel and a would-be poet

June 9: New writing from Quebec

June 2: Atwood’s savage, Gothic universe

May 26: A quilt of fish books view rural life in N.S.  

May 26: Labrador dreamin’

May 12: A calypso of styles from Jamaica to Canada

April 28: Three verse collections; some fine, others claptrap

April 21: New East coast writing and traditional ideas

April 7: Oliver, Cromwell: two historians

March 17: Cape Breton tales share common moral thread

March 4: Images of Africadians more than new clichés

March 3: Acadia lives on in N.S.

Feb. 17: Collection timely study of three author-‘sisters’

Feb. 11: ‘African renaissance’ of ‘80s left significant mark

Feb. 3: I’m pleased to say, “I knew her when …”



Dec. 30: Often outrageous, author truthful about sex, women

Dec. 16: Why must black man write about sex? Author never says

Nov. 25: Evangeline plays Eve in Quebec writer’s poem-libretto

Nov. 18: Collection of Canadian poems falls short of expectations

Oct. 21: Writing histories of African-Canadian communities

Sept. 16: Evangeline rides again as Eirik’s cliché of a last-action hero

Aug. 19: From sea to shining sea: Poetry and prose

July 22: Sampling an anthology of neo-nouveau-new British poetry

June 17: Memoir reconstructs black community of earlier days

May 20: Prince gifted newcomer to Can.Lit.

April 22: Pulitzer winner Lewis chronicles DuBois’s life

March 18: Assessing a pair of Ontario poets

Feb. 18: Black writers link literacy to liberty, equality

Feb. 7: State of the union

Jan. 21: Deux Montrealers: Cohen and Trudeau



Dec. 17: Canadian literature forges international links

Dec. 10: An English Lieutenant’s Woman

Nov. 19: Black Culture: From the West Indies to Canada’s East Coast

Oct. 15: Debunking East Coast myths

Sept. 17: Two regional poets talk of odysseys, inquests

Aug. 20: Laferrier important Canadian writer

July 16: Caught up in Hooks’ view of pop culture

June 18: A working class hero and gentleman scholar

May 21: Poets strive to identify the self

April 16: Spring poetry along with rain, taxes

March 19: Racism ignites Nourbese Philip’s explosive prose

Feb. 19: Black History Month extends to reading

Jan. 29: Poets’ latest collections a triple threat

Jan. 8: New Maritimes anthology typifies in-your-face journalism




Nov. 27: Maritimers at home and away

Oct. 16: Daughters, single white female challenge clichés

Sept. 18: Africadian Renaissance in full flow

July 24: Davies sets record straight in a new literary history